Distribution and wholesale

Altmann Group was founded in 2013 and has been steadily developing its activities in the wholesale sector around its founder and central figure Johannes Altmann over the last decade.

Branches across the World


High-quality products

As a result of the consistent expansion in the European economic area, branches or sister companieshave been established in various countries in recentyears in order to be a contact on site for key-customers. It is Altmann Groups strategy to ensurein each respective country quality and service standards of the locally offered products to meet thecountry-specific requirements of national markets.

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Packaging and Logistics

We understand that our customers have uniquepackaging and delivery requirements, which is whywe offer flexible options to meet their needs. For re-tail customers, we offer 1 or 2 kg packaging units thatare perfect for supermarkets and conveniencestores

Altmann Group has always been focusing on the distribution and wholesale, meaning all types of goods with a quick turn-over covering everyday-needs

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Production and Sourcing

The Altmann Group is dedicated to meeting theneeds and requirements of its customers and adjusts its sourcing accordingly. This means that wework with a global network of suppliers to providehigh-quality products from various countries tomeet our clients’ needs.

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Altmann group is committed to meeting the needs of our customers by being as flexible as possible. To this end, we have recently made substantial investments not only in our pasta factory, but also in our sugar and flour packaging line. These investments enable us to improve our production processes, increase effi ciency, and ensure that we can meet the demands of our clients

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