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Executive Summary

Food Factory International Supply was founded in 2013 and has beensteadily developing its activities in the wholesale sector around its founder and central figure Julia Altmann and Fabian Godden over the last decade.

Food Factory International Supply has always been focusing on the distribution and wholesale of Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods (FMCG), meaning all types of goods witha quick turn-over covering everyday-needs. Thismeans for production, manufacturing and the supplychain, that large volumes need to be provided andkept in stock in short periods of time. FMCG includegoods for everyday-use such as (basic) food, hygieneor cosmetic articles, pet supplies and tobacco prod-ucts. FMCG are roughly divided into the food andnon-food segments.

Meanwhile Food Factory International Supply provides a wide range of
goods tailor-made for the individual demands of its
international customers: i.e. commodities (as flour,
sugar or sunflower oil), operating goods (as AdBlue),
but also medical equipment (medical protective
equipment, medical POC tests, etc.), CBD and its derivatives and electronic cigarettes

Business Concept and added Value

Food Factory International Supply individually covers specific customerrequirements in a targeted and precise manner. Thanks to its excellent global network in trading, Altmann Group is able to provide and supply even limitedeconomic goods for its customers in time.

In addition to price and availability, product quality and sustainability play an important role in the FMCG market. Food Factory International Supply meets these requirements in its own product audit center and is monitoring strictly each process. For every product distributed or sold by Food Factory International Supply certifications according to international product standards and national regulations are mandatory. Additionally product specific documentations are carried out and provided in a consumer-friendly way.

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